At Naikoon, we do things differently. Every day we come to work looking to revolutionize what a construction firm can be—and what construction can achieve.


The construction industry in Canada is ready for a revolution.

Stifled by outdated technology it remains unable to adopt processes other jurisdictions deem standard. Disciplines are siloed leading to inefficiencies and conflict. Projects slow down and costs escalate. Worst of all, we’re behind in meeting our collective climate targets.

But there are things we can do. Things we have seen make a difference.

At Naikoon, we’re driving progress in the things that deliver value for our clients and our communities. They form the foundation of our proven process. It’s how we succeed together. It’s how we build.



You want to work with people who have a smile on their face, are willing to give the benefit of the doubt, and are generally happy to do what they’re doing. It makes for more enjoyable project sites—with less egos and less drama.


Facts drive good decisions and build trust. It’s not about telling you what you want to hear, but providing an honest, credible opinion that moves things forward.


We’re creating something together—and that’s pretty cool. Whether it’s your family home or a new amenity for the community, the future is full of potential, and we can’t wait to build it with you.


With a professional team in the field and in the office, we have the capacity and integrity to do the job right.


If there’s a job to dowe pitch in and contribute. We’re also advocates of early collaboration; we prefer to work together than stay in silos determined by discipline or project phase.


Terry Geluch founded Naikoon Contracting Ltd in August 1980 in Masset, Haida Gwaii. His son, Joe Geluch, relaunched the business in February 2010 and continues to lead the firm out of our North Vancouver headquarters.

Innovation. Integrity. Craft. 

We started Naikoon as craftsmen; carpenters obsessed with delivering quality products. As we worked, we recognized the dysfunction of the construction industry and its inability to drive value for our clients. Integrity compelled us to innovate. We brought on specialists, invested in the future, and offered more services in-house. Now, we are construction managers and builders, utilizing modern methods of construction to deliver better results.

Young child sits in front of old Naikoon sign
Wooden map showing Naikoon Provincial Park near Masset, British Columbia

I started working for my dad’s company at the age of six. The summers of my childhood and youth were spent on Haida Gwaii totally consumed by construction. I loved it. As my passion for carpentry and business grew each summer, I never once had to consider what I was going to do for a living–this was it.

– Joe Geluch, President


Kʷasən-Naikoon Joint Venture is a majority Indigenous-owned strategic partnership formed between Kʷasən Enterprises Ltd. and Naikoon Contracting Ltd. to deliver specialized construction management and general construction services, while following a mandate and policies that support Indigenous culture, business, and innovation.

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