Through virtual design and construction, we identify opportunities for mass-timber and off-site assembly, delivering high performance, progressive builds for our project partners.

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A crane lifts a large wood panel

What sets us apart

Agile and responsive

Complexity? We love it. Give us a challenging site, demanding schedule, and diverse stakeholders, and we’ll show you what we can do. Our size and structure allows us to be agile and avoid the bottlenecks that slow the big players down. 


The right stuff

Mass timber. Prefabrication. Off-site assembly. Energy efficiency. The capabilities in demand today are the skills we have spent over a decade mastering. With this expertise in-hand, there is no acquisition needed—we’re ready to deliver.

Builders at the beginning

To get the full benefits of prefabrication, off-site assembly, and mass-timber, virtual design and construction expertise is needed. But not just from your designers. You want to capture the knowledge of the individual who has spent thirty years in construction before excavation begins, not mid-build when it costs you more. With Naikoon as your contractors, our technology-savvy team integrates building insights directly into the digital model during our robust pre-construction phase. 


Naikoon's adept management, unwavering focus on client satisfaction, and their diverse and seasoned team have played pivotal roles in our collaborative success. - Stephane Laroye, SLA

We would gladly work with Naikoon again and would not hesitate to recommend them. They understood our vision for the project and worked diligently to ensure that it was executed with care and craftsmanship. - Alec Smith, SHAPE Architecture