Apprenticeships at Naikoon!

Here at Naikoon, we know that for our work to be excellent, we need an excellent team.

That’s why we’re so committed to our employees. From career opportunities to our semi-annual performance reviews, we want to make sure our team feels supported in every way!

We also want to connect with and help young people with a passion for building, which is where our apprenticeships and youth programs come in…

Naikoon’s apprenticeships and youth programs

Since 1985, Naikoon has worked with the BC school system, offering internships to students who have an interest in building. These placements give students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and experience they need within the construction industry. We’re so proud of all the students who have worked with us, including the many who have gone on to great trade schools after graduation! A lot of our interns have also returned to us to complete the Red Seal apprenticeship program in carpentry!

In 2016, we teamed up with Greg Cormier from West Van Secondary School (WVSS) for the Youth Train In Trades (formerly known as ACE IT) program. This provence-wide initiative is geared toward high school students who know they want to go into the trades after they graduate.

The Youth Train In Trades carpentry program provides these students with a youth apprenticeship that’s recognized by the Industry Training Authority, allowing them to earn credit towards post-secondary education in the trades, as well as to graduate high school.

Greg Cormier (r) and Billy Bradshaw-White, a past attendee of the program and new employee at Naikoon at our “One Raven” Jobsite

Below pictures of students building on Bowen Island with  milled timbers:

We’ve worked with Greg to make the most of the Youth Train In Trades carpentry program, touring some of our job sites together and brainstorming the best ways to provide his students with real, on-the-job training and experience at Naikoon. Greg’s carpentry class has visited our Passive House in West Vancouver, learning about Cross Laminated Timbers, insulation and thermal bridges.

Why Naikoon is excited about apprenticeships and youth programs

Here at Naikoon, we know how important apprenticeships and youth programs can be. In fact, more than one of us wishes the Youth Train In Trades carpentry program had been available in our student days!

Luckily, we have the chance to help develop the next generation of skilled carpenters and contractors. That’s why we’ve partnered with, and donated to, the Youth Train In Trades carpentry program.

In 2016 we donated money to buy a saw mill. Recently, we came back with an ask to have the students help us mill some reclaimed gluelam beams to be used as stairs treads in our new office. It was neat to see Will Smallwood, a past attendee of the program and current Naikoon 3rd year apprentice back at the school working with students.

A past class even made us this beautiful sign as a thank you , which is proudly displayed in our office window!

Most of all, we love to inspire young people who share our passion for building! We hope that young people will not only join us for our youth program, but continue on into our apprenticeship program after they graduate.

Best of all is when we’re able to hire team members who have been with us for apprenticeships and/or youth programs!

Additional classes and Naikoon bursaries

1. Greg’s carpentry course

This year, Naikoon is thrilled to support a great program Greg is running for WVSS students who have a gift for carpentry, but don’t fit the typical education mould. Applications are open until March 8, 2019.

Want to learn more about the class? There is an information session for students and parents:

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

7:00 pm
West Vancouver Secondary School Library

2. Naikoon’s bursary program

Naikoon has a bursary program in 3 schools including WVSS, and 2 schools on Haida Gwaii. Started in February 2017, the bursaries supports high school students who want to study a trade at a post-secondary level. We’ve enjoyed helping the ambitious youth of Haida Gwaii, and locally, to discover a love and passion for innovative construction!

Looking for more information about Naikoon’s apprenticeships and youth programs? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us by phone or email for more information.