Built to withstand whatever life throws at it, this house is a symbol of resilience and hope for a deserving family
  • Location

    North Vancouver, BC

  • Completion


  • Sustainability

    Built Green Canada – Platinum
    ENERGY STAR Certified
    EnerGuide 85

Exterior of modern home at night


  • Triple glazed windows
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) foundation
  • Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) roof
  • Focus on non-toxic materials; No VOC finishes and coatings
Exterior of a modern home during the day
Family photos hang on an interior wall

The House of Hope embodies the kind of space we love to build: a unique design, fit for the whole family. The owners’ eldest, Trey, has Hunter Syndrome, which makes him strong and prone to breaking things, so our goal was to build a hardwearing, healthy home that provides the children the freedom and features they need, while still maintaining those luxury touches. 

Trey’s airways and immune system are also easily compromised, so clean air was always a top priority. We used all-natural materials and completely avoided chemicals to reduce any harmful toxins. In the kitchen, for example, stainless steel countertops and a naturally finished, live-edge wooden island provide a clean, functional space to protect Trey. 


  • 2018HAVAN Ovation AwardsBest Custom Home: $1M - Under $1.5M
  • 2018HAVAN Ovation AwardsExcellence in Innovation and Sustainability in New Residential Construction


Recycled materials

The family wanted to use as much recycled material as possible from their previous home. For the stairs down to the basement, we repurposed their old floor joists and ceiling rafters to give the place a homely, yet modern industrial vibe.

Lego for builders

Using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), we were able to build a nine ft. high, 1,600 sqft. foundation in just two days. Even we were proud of that feat, made possible because ICF works like lego, but for full size structures. We stacked interlocking blocks of rigid, thermal material, and then filled those blocks with concrete. ICF walls are excellent for energy efficiency, and because you can order custom pieces (i.e. for corners), there’s zero construction waste. Another win for the green team. 

Throughout his project, Trey completely stole our hearts. He was the inspiration behind Construction Cares, an organization we set up to build awareness and generate funding to combat Hunter Syndrome.

Live edge wooden counter top in an industrial kitchen