Interior of living room with rammed earth walls.

Midori Uchi

We built Midori Uchi ten years ago to challenge the industry to think differently. About residential construction. About high performance homes. And about the limitations of the BC Building Code.
  • Location

    North Vancouver, BC

  • Completion


  • Sustainability

    LEED Platinum
    Built Green Canada – Platinum
    R-2000 Standard
    EnerGuide 91

Front view of Midori Uchi home from street
Outdoor living space at night


Exterior of project built with rammed earth walls

(Not so) modern methods of construction

The project was an experiment into what happens when you pair the latest energy performance technology with ancient construction methods, like rammed earth walls. 

Dating back to 9th–7th millennium BC, rammed earth walls are known for their excellent thermal mass. Built by compressing layers of damp earth, sand, gravel, clay, and stabilizer, they absorb heat during the day and release it at night, evening out temperature variations to reduce the need for air con and heating. 

When finished, then mayor, Darrell Mussatto, called Midori Uchi the ‘greenest home in North Vancouver’.


  • 2015CHBA National Awards for Housing ExcellenceDetached under 2,500 sq ft
  • 2015CHBA BC Georgie AwardsBest New Custom Home: <$750K
  • 2015CHBA BC Georgie AwardsBest Environmental Initiative
  • 2015CHBA BC Georgie AwardsMost Innovative Certified Home
  • 2015CHBA BC Georgie AwardsMost Affordable Certified Home
  • 2015HAVAN Ovation AwardsBest Custom Home: <$750K
  • 2015 HAVAN Ovation AwardsExcellence in Innovation and Sustainability in New Residential Construction
  • 2015HAVAN Ovation AwardsFortisBC Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency in New Residential Construction
  • 2015HAVAN Ovation AwardsBest Interior Design Custom Residence: New or Renovated

Perhaps what makes this project so special is that most of the features and tech that helped Midori Uchi achieve Net Zero can be retrofitted onto just about any house. It didn’t cost any more to build than an equivalent modern home built to code—about $300/sq. ft (at the time of construction). And the entire project was completed in only 18 months, with construction taking just 12 months. 

Proof that tomorrow’s homes are very much achievable today.

Interior kitchen with wooden staircase

A guitar sits on a stand in a home office with glass walls