Hythe House

Hythe House is a small masterpiece designed by Wensley Architecture. After several rounds of fine-tuning to get it just right, this home offers stunning views of the inlet, downtown, and the North Shore mountains.
  • Location

    Burnaby, BC

  • Completion


  • Sustainability

    Built Green Canada – Platinum
    ENERGY STAR Certified
    EnerGuide 85


  • Detailed metal siding, durable ceramic tiles, and unique soffit details
  • Green roof over garage creating the only leveled backyard in the neighbourhood
  • Custom upholstered built-in breakfast nook
A blurred figure walks through a contemporary living room

An average home in BC usually runs about 110 gigajoules (GJ) per year, but Hythe House runs on 64 GJ per year—almost half the amount of energy as an average house in the city.


A special feature is the suspended cabinetry and built-in millwork throughout. Custom millwork is a logical investment when building a custom home as it can really elevate the overall quality, aesthetics, and functionality of the property. It’s a nice way of infusing a distinctive design into the home, and you can give it unique elements to enhance that exclusivity. Creating such pieces requires meticulous attention to detail from highly skilled workers, but you end up with sophisticated finishes that are built to last.


Green Building Canada Platinum is the highest level of certification awarded by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), proving the home demonstrates exceptional energy efficiency, water conservation, materials usage, indoor air quality, and overall ecological impact.


Naikoon was with us every step of the way to ensure that our dream became a reality. The team's focus, follow-up, and attention to detail have created a home that we are truly happy to call our own. —Homeowner