W 29th

West 29th is an elegant Net Zero family home that integrates seamlessly into the neighbourhood.
  • Location

    Vancouver, BC

  • Completion


  • Size

    2,800 sq ft

  • Sustainability

    Built Green Canada – Platinum
    BC Energy Step Code 4


  • Metal interlocking roof
  • Solar panels on garage roof
  • Drain water heat recovery

West 29th home achieved Level 4 of the BC Step Code; a progressive energy standard that sets performance targets for new construction. As the name suggests, it’s structured into “steps”, each with increasing levels of energy efficiency. As builders, we can choose between a prescriptive approach, which focuses on specific building elements, or a performance approach, which sets a desired outcome and allows flexibility in achieving it. We also must use energy software modeling and on-site testing to show our build meets the set requirements. 

One thing we love about the Step Code is how it encourages innovation, pushing new technologies to improve energy performance.

The design captures a sense of modern living, with a feeling of Zen and comfort. We wanted the space to feel rich in character, with detail, quality, and precision demonstrated in a style that is uniquely an expression of our client’s tastes. —Andrea Rodman, Creative Director of Andrea Rodman Interiors


  • 2022HAVAN Ovation AwardsBest Custom Home: $1.5M - $2M