Affectionately dubbed the 'Deep Cove Cliffhanger,' a steep site required some outside-the-box thinking, specialized machinery, and our can-do attitude
  • Location

    Deep Cove, North Vancouver

  • Completion


  • Sustainability

    Built Green Canada – Platinum
    ENERGY STAR Certified
    EnerGuide 78

Living room interior with open views to Deep Cove

A 109 ft. drop from the road to the home made Eastridge a fantastically challenging build.

Spidex excavator is seen on a steep muddy slope

Navigating the steep slope down to the waterfront forced us to get creative in bringing machinery and materials to the site. A perfectly good excuse to bring in the big guns.

We hired a barge and took 14 trips to remove debris and bring in larger supplies, including the wood framing and 1,000lb steel beams. The same barge later hosted a 40 ton crane, which held the beams in place while the welders worked their magic on the home’s structure. Later, concrete was pumped from the top of the cliff down to the bottom with a 400ft line into a boom pump, which was sitting on the barge.

And a unique excavator called the Spidex crawled up and down the hillside, removing stumps and clearing the land quickly and efficiently.

Aerial view of project site

To carry smaller materials, we installed a funicular tramway down the slope. After securing its own special planning permission, the homeowners wanted to keep the tramway to transport guests and groceries to the house. A fun—and functional—addition to the property.

Wood framing for a home rises up from hill of mud and bedrock

The garage sits at the top of the cliff, with a 27ft tall foundation wall. To secure the foundation to the hillside, we buried anchors five feet into the solid bedrock below. The foundation wall is 10″ thick, with a double grid of rebar to retain approximately 350 cubic units of fill.

Given how challenging it was to access the site, we opted to use styrofoam (EPS) backfill because it is lightweight, cost effective, and easy to maneuver. 

The client is an avid golfer, so we built a green roof with planting configured to mimic the greens at Pebble Beach. Paired with other sustainable practices, like 80% recycled construction materials, the home is ENERGY STAR and Built Green Platinum certified.


  • 2020CHBA BC Georgie AwardsBest Certified Home: Custom
  • 2020HAVAN AwardsBest Custom Home: $2M – under $3M
Modern kitchen with hardwood floors and cement fireplace