Capilano Passive House

Capilano Passive House harnesses the power of nature to fuel modern living. 
  • Location

    North Vancouver, BC

  • Completion


  • Size

    3,500 sq ft

  • Sustainability

    Net Zero Home
    Certified Passive House

This highly sustainable build uses solar panels to harvest as much energy as the home uses throughout the year. Any excess power gets stored in a battery for later use, or is fed back into the grid for a rebate.

To maximize thermal performance, the home’s envelope is finished with a combination of western red cedar and high density fibre cement panels. A green roof with expansive planting adds to that thermal performance, but also helps to collect rainwater for site irrigation and cleaning, before it finds its way into the underground collection tanks.

Large patio doors and carefully located windows create an intimate indoor-outdoor relationship, where the fruit trees, a veg garden, terraced planting, and native Pacific Northwest plants make this Passive House home a gardener’s dream.