Naikoon headquarters

We transformed a nondescript concrete shell building into the Naikoon crew's bright and airy home in Lower Lonsdale
  • Location

    North Vancouver, BC

  • Completion



  • Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) feature staircase, guardrails and furniture.
  • The first structural application of TS3 technology in North America, gluing all of the components together.
  • Expansive, triple glazed sliding partitioning to create isolated sounds proof space, or a completely open concept
  • Self watering hanging planter

A Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) staircase is the main floor's centrepiece, and a nod to Naikoon's mass timber expertise. Butt joints were bonded together utilizing innovative TS3 technology, eliminating the need for nails or screws, and was the first application of the product in North America.

Naikoon Office / Studio 531 / Naikoon Contracting

Think global. Act local.

European countries boast some of the most advanced mass timber technology in the world; so it’s only natural to look to them when considering what’s possible here at home. A pioneer in Cross-Laminated Timber, KLH Austria manufactured and pre-treated the FSC certified panels before shipment to us. From there, we invited experts from Timber Structure 3.0 (TS3) in Switzerland to train our crew (and some of our industry partners) in the application of their innovative casting resin, so that we’d be ready to use this technology in future client projects. The result is a stunning stair showpiece that serves as a daily reminder to stay curious and challenge ourselves. 

Things we love

Flexibility is key in the modern workplace. A triple-glazed sliding partition on the main floor allows us to alternate from an open concept floorplan to a space with an isolated sound-proof workroom. 

We made the space our own with CLT mini-panels for millwork and wall paneling, highlighting the often-overlooked decorative character of the material. A CNC burning of Naikoon Provincial Park and Haida Gwaii greets guests on arrival, and is a celebration of our company’s roots.

We like it green around here. Complementing our extensive collection of plants around the office is a custom self-watering hanging planter from the fine folks at Gardenworks and Lifespace Gardens (our Lonsdale neighbours).