The Ridge

The Ridge is testament to small footprint living. The project spices up North Vancouver’s Moodyville neighbourhood with Missing Middle Housing, demonstrating how thoughtful design can create diverse housing options—with minimal environmental impact.
  • Location

    North Vancouver, BC

  • Completion


  • Size

    6,900 sq ft

  • Sustainability

    Certified Green Canada – Platinum and Gold

A modern duplex with cedar finishes

Filling the gap

Aerial view showing a diverse mix of homes in the Vancouver area

Missing Middle Housing is where you fill the (literal) gaps between single-family homes and large apartment complexes with multi-unit housing types—like duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, and small apartments. Popular in the 1940s, Missing Middle Housing has fallen by the wayside, but it’s ideal for cities because it provides density without having to build apartment towers, helping to avoid segregation between upper- and lower-class neighbourhoods.

Missing Middle Housing areas tend to be very walkable as amenities like grocery stores and services can easily thrive within them.

The Ridge exemplifies Missing Middle Housing by subdividing a 66 foot duplex-zoned lot into two separate lots. The first lot features a 2600 square foot main home and a 700 square foot laneway house, catering to different living needs. The second lot comprises two detached 1800 square foot homes with a shared garage, offering additional options for residents.

A big win is how the homes exceed Building Code energy-efficiency requirements by around 40%, achieving Built Green Gold and Platinum standards. Three of the four houses have even earned the coveted ENERGY STAR label, proving they’re cheaper to run, but it also align with City’s broader urban planning and development goals.


  • 2020CHBA BC Georgie AwardsBest Multi-Family Townhouse Development (Infill, 6 Units and Under)
  • 2020HAVAN Ovation AwardsBest In-fill Development: 6 Units and Under