Lions Bay

Bookended between a mountain and an ocean, this modern retreat from bustling city life takes full advantage of what the West Coast has to offer
  • Location

    West Vancouver, BC

  • Completion

    Under construction

  • Size

    4,600 sq ft

  • Sustainability

    BC Step Code 3

Named after the distinctive twin peaks on the North Shore mountain range, Lions Bay was a boat-access summer camping destination up until the 1960s. A small community has emerged in subsequent years enjoying easy access to Howe Sound, the coastal mountains, and a modest commute whenever a trip to the city is needed. For our clients, it was the perfect location to facilitate a lifestyle shift and the creation of a new family home.


Architectural concrete used in building foundation

Like a rock

The sloping nature of the waterfront lot, coupled with 12-14 feet walls, necessitated some serious formwork from our project team. Not to mention blasting through the large deposits of volcanic bedrock on-site which is typical for the area. We went big with over 80 cubic metres of architectural concrete—one of the largest pours we’ve ever done for a residential build—in a double whaler system. The unique, technically challenging ‘bowtie’ shape of the foundation only added to the fun.

Nothing designed in isolation

With three fireplaces in the home, it was essential that the mechanical system would be up to the task of circulating large volumes of air. Selecting a highly efficient mechanical system and installing multiple heat pumps, will support occupant comfort.

The complexity of both the structural and mechanical designs was coordinated through the use of our digital model. We were able to identify clashes and find opportunities to integrate the HVAC system through the steel frameworks without compromising the architectural design of the interiors.


This home redefines luxury living by harmoniously integrating with the natural beauty of West Vancouver. Featuring a large private theatre, three fireplaces, dual kitchens, and a cedar hot tub, it will be a full-time haven, fostering creativity and connection for its occupants.