Virtual design and construction

We harness the power of digital technology to build better, faster.

Large wooden structure under construction
A construction worker drills into a hoisted wood panel

Typical construction projects can easily be hamstrung by errors, delays, and costly rework.

That’s why, unlike most other contractors, we build our own virtual model of your project—long before shovels hit the dirt. 

Our advanced digital modeling makes it easy for the whole project team to collaborate on your build. We can spot potential problems in advance, make cost estimations with greater accuracy, and set the foundations for a smoother build process.

A group of individuals listen during a presentation

What is virtual design and construction?

Too often, architects and engineers design in isolation, resulting in costly discrepancies during construction. Virtual design and construction (VDC) bridges this communication gap by hosting the project’s design and building data in one collaborative model.

What our proven process brings to your project

Easier collaboration and capture

Our digital modelling experts engage directly with construction team members, asking critical questions like: Is this the most efficient way to build? Are these studs in the right place? Will this vent actually fit? Resulting insights are captured early and inserted directly into the model. 

Empowered architects

Designers often lack insight into the intricacies of construction trades. Collaborative models offer them a window into the world of builders, helping them make design decisions that streamline the build process.

A single source of truth

Our crew no longer has to sift through stacks of architectural or structural drawings. Instead, they quickly access all the latest information in the real-time model for an accurate, efficient build.

Precise prefabrication

Virtual models allows us to specify prefabricated materials with meticulous detail, a crucial advantage for error-free off-site construction.

Fewer errors and rework

Errors lead to rework, and rework is expensive. Creating an accurate model pays substantial dividends, helping us catch issues early to prevent disruptions that have the potential to halt your project for weeks.

Pacific northwest forest in the fog

As an architect, Naikoon made our job easier by collaborating with us during the design process and coming up with innovative solutions that met our design intent and satisfied the client’s objectives—all while keeping a close eye on the project budget. - Justin Bennet, Urban West Architecture