One Raven

At the front, One Raven is restored as one of North Vancouver’s last remaining heritage houses. At the back, it hosts a brand new four-unit infill. Together they form Vancouver’s first Net Zero residential building, achieving 2032 energy targets 13 years early.
  • Location

    North Vancouver, BC

  • Completion


  • Size

    6,700 sq ft

  • Sustainability

    BC Energy Step Code 5 (Net Zero Ready)
    CHBA Qualified Net Zero Home


  • 22’ rammed earth wall
  • 6.5 kW photovoltaics
  • 6,500 board ft of reclaimed timber-staircase
  • 98% Construction Waste Diverted

We love Net Zero homes because they produce as much energy as they use. They’re also more comfortable than conventional homes because of their exceptional air and environment quality. Us Canadians spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, and our environment quality affects how we perceive everything from sound and light, to odour, temperature, humidity, and even vibrations within the home. 

A massive contributor to One Raven achieving Net Zero was installing Passive House certified, triple pane windows and doors. These help keep the house at a comfortable temperature year round—oriented south to maximize solar gain in winter, with shading to stop overheating in summer. 

The home’s airtight envelope also has super thick, super insulated walls to further reduce the need for heating and cooling. Up top, rooftop solar panels generate enough electricity to cover the clients’ entire annual energy usage—easy on the planet, and on the bank balance.