White Rock Net Zero

A duality of architectural styles merge to ensure neighbourhood fit, while also taking advantage of stunning ocean views
  • Location

    Surrey, BC

  • Completion


  • Size

    5,000 sq ft

  • Sustainability

    CHBA Qualified Net Zero Home


  • Prefabricated hybrid steel and timber roof
  • Geothermal heating and cooling system
  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) foundation
Exterior of a French Chateau-inspired home

The real triumph of White Rock Net Zero is that it achieves such high performance levels, without compromising architectural design. 

The home sits on a high-bank waterfront, making it a challenging build, but well worth it for the sprawling ocean views, natural light, and access to the outdoors.

Solar panels line the front yard of a modern home

Designed to have twin personalities—one a traditional French chateau and one a more contemporary, transparent aesthetic—the home’s massing was masterfully developed by the architect so as not to block the neighbours’ views, but still provide breathtaking sight-lines for the owners.

Interior and exterior of a modern home, overlooking the ocean

To achieve Net Zero, the home produces energy from two sources, a geothermal heating and cooling system, and solar panels paired with Tesla powerwalls.

Solar panels line the front yard of a modern home

Let's get geothermal

Geothermal heating and cooling uses energy from the ground to manage the temperature inside the home. The earth stores 47% of the heat from the sunshine that hits it, so when your house is colder than desired, the ground source heat pump collects that heat to bring the temperature up. When your house is hotter than desired, the system collects thermal energy from inside the home and pumps it back into the ground or water. It’s a green and renewable approach that also greatly reduces your Hydro bill. Awesome.

A grid of Tesla Powerwalls line the interior of a car garage

Power on hand

A Tesla Powerwall is a sophisticated home battery solution that stores solar energy for use in the event of a grid outage. It can also be used on demand and to self-power your home, which in turn, reduces your reliance on grid electricity. The batteries automatically provide backup power and easily integrate with solar to ensure your home is powered 24/7.
This particular system consists of six batteries, with four in the garage and two in the meter room. Each battery stores a total of 13.5 kWh for a system totalling 81 kWh.


  • 2022CHBA National Awards for Housing ExcellenceBest Net Zero Certified Home in Canada
  • 2022HAVAN Ovation AwardsBest Custom Home: $5M and Over
  • 2022HAVAN Ovation AwardsBest Energy Labelled Custom Home
Detail of a metal staircase