Detail of a glulam beam structural connection

Early collaboration

The conventional building process follows a formula: architects and engineers draw up plans, builders follow those plans, and clients cross their fingers hoping everything turns out okay. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t capture the expertise of the people on the ground, building your project.

Our approach brings our modelers and site superintendents into the process early, where their contributions have the biggest impact. From buildability and material selection, to site challenges and sequencing, capturing these insights during design—before shovels hits the dirt—minimizes cost and waste later in the project.

Technology fueled

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to make collaboration easier for everyone.

Most architects and engineers have adopted some level of BIM, but the construction industry as a whole lags behind. And if the contractor can’t work in the model, the whole process suffers.

At Naikoon, we constantly explore new digital tools and have pioneered BIM and virtual design and construction for years. It’s critical to how we deliver your project. Because it means we’re on the same page as the rest of the design team.

A note about Integrated Design Process (IDP)

Institutional and commercial clients across Western Canada are increasingly exploring project delivery through an Integrated Design Process (IDP). The model focuses on a collaborative and holistic view of building design, inviting a multi-disciplinary team to actively contribute their expertise early in the process. In many ways, IDP is nothing radically new. It emphasizes something we’ve known all along—that solutions-orientated collaboration, early in the process, can lead to great results for everyone. 

We excel in IDP environments where we can work alongside values-aligned partners. However, we remain committed to embodying our values of collaboration, teamwork, and early engagement in all our projects, regardless of the delivery model.